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118 Express

This is a dedicated voice directory enquiries product that provides everything you need to begin taking and servicing fully featured Directory Enquiries calls. Included in the service is sms search results to mobiles and onward call forwarding (call connect).

The software is simply installed on a Windows-based PC and only requires an operator (who may just as easily be a home-worker) to have access to a broadband internet connection and a dedicated telephone line. Call routing, load balancing, SMS, call forwarding and phone number searching is all handled remotely so the need for expensive call-centre infrastructure is completely removed.

118-express includes a detailed training and real-world example guide that will get your staff up to speed in no time. This provides the possibility to use home-workers quickly and efficiently removing the need to invest heavily in infrastructure, manpower or training.

So, if you recognise the Directory Enquiries or Directory Assistance sector as a lucrative avenue for your business, 118-express will get you up and running with minimal cost and upheaval to your organisation.