• What is ORBIS?

    ORBIS brings together people and business information from a variety of government, commercial and opted-in marketing sources and makes it available for searching, analysis, tele-appending or download to your desktop.

  • What is T2A

    T2A offers all the same searching and data cleansing capabilities of ORBIS but is available as an API. Programmers and web developers can use T2A to integrate ORBIS functionality (like person searching and address lookups) into your website, application or CRM.

  • Is Simunix compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

    Yes, please read our ukphonebook.com GDPR page for further information.

  • Are you hiring

    We aren’t currently actively searching for new members to join the Simunix team but are always on the lookout. Please feel free to apply speculatively on our careers section.