Age verification based on data

Age Verify UK

Our service matches your customer’s details against 120 million UK person addresses to verify if they are aged 18 or over.

Age Verify UK

Instant Age Verification for your business

  • Verification using data matching, not a tick box
  • Ensures maximum compliance with UK legislation on age-restricted products
  • Matches customers against 120 million UK person records
  • Cost effective – only pay for customers that are checked
  • No contract or minimum commitment
  • Secure online GDPR compliant service

Choose from three easy solutions

API integration with your website

Integrate our API into your website or application to have instant age checks performed on customers seamlessly as part of your online checkout or registration process.

Age Verify Platform

Use our web-based platform to perform age verifications on your customers. Simply register for an account and check one at a time or upload a batch file of names and addresses.

Wordpress and WooCommerce Plugin

If your website is built in Wordpress, and uses WooCommerce shopping, then you can install our Age Verify Plugin for free.

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