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People and business searching at your fingertips. Used by businesses and organisations of all sizes, ORBIS is The UK’s premier people and business search tool.

How it works

One Powerful System

ORBIS brings together many different UK people and business data sources for you to search in one easy-to-use powerful system.

Search for UK individuals when dealing with debt cases or probate, property address searching and Land Registry information for conveyancing, and full access to Companies House data in commercial law cases.

Being browser based, if your staff have internet access then they can also have ORBIS.

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ORBIS is also available as an API, allowing you to search our UK people and business data from within your own system. Please see our T2A page for more information.

Trusted by 200+ companies and public sector organisations

ORBIS is essential to organisations of all sizes as these customers will testify…

Law Firms & Solicitors

Trace individuals, verify identities

“ORBIS has been an invaluable tool in finding people in the UK and verifying their identities in the course of our case investigations. With vast amounts of data connected up in one place it has saved hours of searching disparate information sources by our staff.”

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