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People and address searching at your fingertips. Used by Estate and Letting agents of all sizes, ORBIS is the UK’s premier people and business search tool.

How it works

One Powerful System

ORBIS combines UK people and business data from numerous sources, in one easy-to-use interface

Conduct address searches, view occupant details and identify landlords for directed marketing campaigns. The unique ZoneSearch feature within ORBIS allows you to draw an area on a map, view details about individual properties and download a file of all available names, addresses and contact details in your selected area.

Conduct instant Know Your Customer checks via our Person Verification feature. Additionally, you can cleanse your marketing data with our inbuilt Bereavement and TPS-checking function.

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ORBIS is also available as an API, allowing you to search our UK people and business data from within your own system. Please see our T2A page for more information.

Trusted by Estate Agents and over 200 other companies

ORBIS is essential to organisations of all sizes as these customers will testify…

Estate & Letting Agents

Locate Landlords, do instant KYC checks

“We use ORBIS all the time for finding landlord details, doing address history KYC checks on prospective tenants or home buyers and enhancing our marketing lists.”

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