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People Tracing & Debt Collection

Orbis helps professionals in the people tracing and debt collection industry find up to date information for individuals of interest.

Track down and gather detailed information on individuals. Even if you only have partial contact information, we can put the pieces together to trace and confirm a person’s identity. We give you the confidence that the person you find is the one you’re looking for.

Some of the features most used by the people tracing and debt collection industry

  • Find a Person

    Our people finder is used by virtually every business and public sector type. Drawing on multiple resources and opted-in data sets, we offer what is probably the UK’s most powerful search tool to help you find people and ‘linked’ individuals.

  • Director Search

    It’s essential to know who you are dealing with and with Director Search, you can instantly check if someone is telling you the truth about their business dealing, if they’re disqualified or bankrupt, what other businesses they are involved with now and in the past. ORBIS helps you keep your own business healthy and free from bad-debts.

  • Geo-Search

    Geo-Search allows you to find information on individual properties by hovering your cursor over that location on the map. Switch between Google and Ordnance Survey maps and display details attached to individual properties such as address, personal residential information and business information.

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