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Suitable for all businesses

Use Orbis to search for potential customers, cleanse and update your existing customer data and validate new customer information.

  • Police & Security

    Orbis provides information that aids investigations and ensures efficient use of man-power resources. Its integrated mapping, residential and business information and powerful search and analysis capabilities make it an essential tool for all law enforcement and security operations.
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  • Property & Lettings

    Target new customers personally using our unique Geo-Search and ZoneSearch facilities to find named individuals at an address. Our Find Property Owner feature searches Land Registry data, allowing you to identify the decision makers.
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  • People Tracing & Debt Collection

    Track down and gather detailed information on individuals. Even if you only have partial contact information, we can put the pieces together to trace and confirm a person's identity. We give you the confidence that the person you find is the one you're looking for.
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  • Legal Services

    Law firms across the UK use Orbis for extraction of Land Registry information to assist with conveyancing and property ownership verification. It is also used by solicitors involved in debt collection and skip-tracing.
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  • Logistics

    Used by all of the leading high street delivery firms, the comprehensive mapping and people and business information contained within Orbis ensures accurate and efficient identification of delivery points across the country.
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  • Financial Services

    Identity verification is an essential part of the establishment of a customer relationship. Orbis is used by banks, building societies and insurance services to provide an initial check on information supplied by potential customers.
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What our customers say...

  • Orbis has proved to be an indispensable research tool. It is now the goto person, business and address search tool for our teams of journalists.
    Peter McNeil
    Arlington Media Services
  • Our conveyancing team was spending huge amounts of time switching between different online sources. Orbis brings everything into a single source and has improved throughput.
    Josh Banks
    Ditson & Webb Legal

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