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Powerful, Comprehensive and Clear

Over 130 million records for people and businesses throughout the UK. Orbis data is intelligently gathered and organised to fulfil your information gathering needs.

Features overview

  • Phone Search

    With 118xxx services costing as much as £20 per call, a low-cost alternative makes sense! Our phone number search gives you and your colleagues unlimited access to exactly the same directory data derived from all the UK’s telecom operators that drives the expensive voice services.

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  • Address & Postcode Lookup

    Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey between them have every addressable location in the UK listed. ORBIS gives you direct access via a simple search tool to this important resource. If your addressing needs are even greater, you can access this data via our powerful API. Just contact us for details.

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  • Find a Person

    Our people finder is used by virtually every business and public sector type. Drawing on multiple resources and opted-in data sets, we offer what is probably the UK’s most powerful search tool to help you find people and ‘linked’ individuals.

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  • Company Search

    Finding information on PLC and Limited UK companies is relatively easy…but ORBIS goes much further providing detailed information on these AND partnerships, LLPs, sole-traders etc. We can show you a potential customer’s payment history with other businesses and give you a credit scoring indicator. Before you do business with someone, use ORBIS to get the full information on them.

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  • Director Search

    It’s essential to know who you are dealing with and with Director Search, you can instantly check if someone is telling you the truth about their business dealing, if they’re disqualified or bankrupt, what other businesses they are involved with now and in the past. ORBIS helps you keep your own business healthy and free from bad-debts.

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  • TPS/CTPS Checking

    Telephone Preference Scheme and Commercial Telephone Preference Scheme – if you do telemarketing, you need ORBIS. With a potential £5,000 fine for calling a TPS registered person or business, it’s just not worth the risk of not checking that number before you call. And we give you three different ways to check depending on your business practises.

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  • Teleappending

    Whatever you call it, the bulk checking of your contact / customer file is an essential process every business should undertake on a regular basis. Calling deceased customers can be distressing to family member, calling gone-away customers is a waste of time, money and resource. Use ORBIS to ensure your critical business data is always up to date.

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  • Zone Search

    If you have a product or service to sell and you know exactly where and who your potential customers are to be found, ZoneSearch is the answer. Define your geographic area of interest and use ZoneSearch to extract carefully targeted marketing data for telemarketing or direct mailings.

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Why choose Orbis?

  • There's a lot going on beneath the surface of Orbis. We have developed intricate algorithms that process our millions of records, providing you with an intelligent search tool that gets you the results you need.

  • We have thousands of customers ranging from the UK's emergency services to local estate agents who all rely on our services to get up-to-date people and business information, instantly.

  • All customers are assigned a unique URL to access their ORBIS account which is further protected by username and password. All registration details are stored securely and not viewable by any other party.

Pricing that fits your business

Whatever the size of your organisation, we have a pricing model to suit your operation.