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About Us

Simunix was established in 1998 by Managing Director John Lewis who, following a successful career in Advertising and Marketing, returned to university in 1996 to study Computer Science in response to the emerging popularity of the Internet as a business opportunity.

Simunix became the first non-telecom company to license the UK's national directory database and in 1999 became one of the first to set up a free online directory enquiries service -

Building on the popularity of, the next step was to develop a version of the site designed specifically for commercial use. In 2000, Corporate was created initially attracting customers including Merseyside Police and Yorkshire Building Society.

Further developments came in 2002 in response to the deregulation of voice directory enquiries services with the switch from the old access code to a range of competing services under the code 118xxx. Simunix took part in the high-profile number allocation lottery and chose 118080, 118365 and 118090 (for international directory enquiries). 118-Express was created at this time to coincide with the changes occurring in the industry sector.

Simunix now supplies its range of directory products and services to most private and public sectors including, police, banking, legal, local authorities and many more.

Where To Find Us

Simunix Ltd.
The IT Centre
York Science Park
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Legal Information

We are registered with the Office of Data Protection and conform to the industry Codes of Practice and other regulatory and statutory requirements that can be viewed at and

Our company number is 03684982.